Lazer Adjustable Head Basket

A Secure Fit for Better Protection

How a helmet fits play a critical role in head protection. That’s why Lazer developed its integrated head basket technology that features a nylon cradle that surround the rider’s head and works with the helmet’s retention systems for a dialed-in fit. It keeps the helmet from sliding, slipping, and wobbling, and it helps evenly distribute pressure for a more comfortable fit on long rides and everyday adventures. 

Here's an in-depth look at Lazer’s head basket technology and how it works to better protect your head in the event of a crash.

Head Basket Construction

When Lazer first developed its helmet head basket technology, the system utilized a combination of plastics and metal to achieve fit and function. While cables for the retention systems used to be steel, Lazer eliminated all metal from helmets and opted for purpose-built, specifically shaped nylons as replacement. The material boosts the performance and longevity of the helmets for a more comfortable, secure, and adjustable fit.  

Purpose-Built for Different Riding Styles

Lazer engineers design helmets to meet the specific needs of different rider types and riding styles. Just as the shell, padding, and profile differ depending on the type of helmet (road, MTB, triathlon, urban or kids), the head baskets are also fine-tuned to complement different styles of riding. 

Mountain bike helmets like the Jackal KinetiCore feature more robust head basket designs that work seamlessly with the additional materials and extended coverage of Lazer’s off-road helmets. This extra coverage combined with Lazer’s adjustable retention systems keep the larger helmets in place while bouncing through rock gardens or landing jumps.

Riders who mount GoPros or lights to their helmets will also appreciate the stability of the more robust design, which steadies the helmet with these added accessories.

Commuter and sport road helmets like the Codax KinetiCore also feature Lazer’s extended head basket design to help secure the helmet in place with its added protection, weight, and accessories. 

Lazer’s road head basket designs are lighter weight and more streamlined because of the lower overall weights of road helmets like the Vento KinetiCore and Strada KinetiCore. Since there is less mass and material to hold in place, the head baskets can be lower profile. The designs are purpose-engineered to secure these helmets in place for a comfortable fit whether carving switchbacks or cruising the flats.

Head Basket Compatible Accessories

While Lazer’s head baskets are purpose-built for added protection and comfort, some also feature added integration options for accessories. Head baskets built with Lazer’s Advanced Turnsys retention system provide an integrated mounting point for Lazer TS+ LED lights that allow riders to snap on a little extra visibility for low-light riding conditions.