Dial Up Comfort and Protection with Lazer's Adjustable Head Basket Technology

Lazer coyote MTB helmet

Comfort + Protection. These are two of the most important aspects of helmet design and should be considered carefully before purchasing your next helmet. While many factors go into improving comfort and protection, Lazer's unique retention system designs and Adjustable Head Basket technology ensure a secure fit to keep your noggin protected without adding extra bulk or uncomfortable pressure points.

Lazer ATS head basket

A helmet's retention system is the device that secures the helmet around the circumference of your head. This system is typically controlled by a small dial on top or at the back of the helmet, and the general design hasn't changed since it was first introduced in the 1980s.

Lazer ATS head basket mob helmet

Most helmet brands utilize a one-dimensional retention system that simply tightens at the back of the head near the dial. While this system is effective in securing the helmet to your head, it acts to push your forehead against the front of the helmet. This can cause an uncomfortable pressure point and often leaves an imprint on your forehead that lingers long after you’ve removed the helmet from your head.

Lazer G1 MIPS light blue sunset road bike helmet

To reduce this awkward pressure, Lazer's retention systems utilize the company’s Adjustable Head Basket technology, which provides 360 degrees of security while increasing overall helmet comfort. Tightening the retention dial draws the device snug around the perimeter of your head rather than just tightening at the rear. Increased comfort, reduced helmet lines: win, win.

Lazer ATS head basket

When it comes to protection and comfort, Lazer doesn't reserve its top feature for its most expensive and flagship helmet models. In fact, every Lazer helmet — road, urban, MTB, casual, and kids — gets the same treatment, with small modifications at the point of adjustment. Lazer’s Adjustable Head Basket technology comes in four different iterations depending on the helmet, but all function similarly, providing 360 degrees of adjustment for a perfect fit every time.

Lazer Coyote MIPS white

For Lazer, comfort and protection are synonymous.