Impala and Coyote: Mountain Bike Helmets

Signaling a renewed commitment to mountain bike protection, Lazer introduced two new trail helmets in 2019 that deliver the right combination of safety, comfort, and added features for trail riders. The Coyote MIPS and Impala MIPS mountain bike helmets offer top-tier protection in practical and affordable packages.

New mountain bike helmet offerings from Lazer

Lazer’s trail helmets have stylish, modern looks and offer varying levels of features to suit any rider’s needs. The Coyote MIPS provides a balance of key protection and ventilation benefits at a budget-friendly price while the top of the range Impala MIPS is designed for riders seeking a high-performance helmet without compromise.

Lazer Impala MIPS

For riders that demand premium performance from their equipment, the Lazer Impala MIPS offers unparalleled protection along with plentiful features. The large, adjustable visor can be easily re-positioned for changing conditions and works seamlessly with the helmet’s rear goggle parking design.

When you want to capture every moment on the trail, the Impala MIPS’s camera mount provides a sturdy platform while also boosting safety with Lazer’s anti-intrusion technology. Designed to withstand hard impacts with and without a camera mounted to the helmet, the Impala MIPS is a leader in mountain bike protection when it comes to real-life riding conditions.

Lazer’s Advanced Turnfit retention system combines horizontal and vertical adjustments so the helmet fits comfortably while minimizing movement over rocky trails and bumpy rides. The Impala MIPS’s carefully designed ventilation system includes large vents and channeling inside the helmet that increases airflow over the head to keep you cool when you’re working hard. 

Whether racing or riding, the Impala MIPS delivers a low-profile design with all the features and protection you’d expect from Lazer’s top of the line trail helmet. 

Lazer Coyote MIPS 

The affordable Coyote MIPS mountain bike helmet delivers exceptional safety and comfort for all styles of riding. Lazer’s Turnfit Plus retention system provides a secure and even fit around the whole head while the integrated MIPS rotational impact system adds an extra layer of protection without sacrificing comfort so you can focus on the trail ahead.  

They Coyote MIPS’s integrated visor not only keeps the sun out of your eyes but it protects your eyes and face from low branches as you fly down the trail. 28 large vents are strategically placed across the helmet to promote airflow to keep you cool when your effort starts to ramp up.

The Coyote MIPS shell design at the back provides deep coverage for extra protection and the bottom of the shell comes with a smooth finish for a refined look. This finish also protects against scrapes and scratches when you set your helmet down at the end of the ride.

For riders looking for top lever protection with a straightforward design, the Coyote MIPS is hard to beat.