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    Enhanced impact protection

    Virginia Tech Rating

    Ingenuity Built-In. Not added on

    KinetiCore is the result of a decade-long search for a new improved technology. It protects against both direct and rotational impact thanks to unique EPS foam blocks called controlled crumple zones that crumple under impact and absorb the energy that otherwise would have reached the cyclist's brain.

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    Better ventilation

    Up to 12% better
    cooling efficiency

    All riders need air moving through the helmet to keep their head cool, especially during courses when the body temperature rises. As KinetiCore is built-in, it means the helmets are designed with innovative vents that channel cool air through to the back of the helmet and expels warm air. This boosts comfort, providing an even more enjoyable ride.

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    Lightweight by integration

    Up to 23% lighter

    A lightweight helmet can increase comfort as well as speed and aerodynamics. With this in mind, we spent years reducing the amount of plastic and EPS foam used in construction, thereby reducing the overall weight. The fact that KinetiCore is integrated into the helmet rather than added on as an additional feature, supports in dropping grams.

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    Reduced plastics

    Up to 100 grams of
    material reduction

    KinetiCore is made with less plastic than previous comparable models. We are committed to finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment. By avoiding added-on plastics and reducing the quantity of EPS foam required, we achieved the goal of improved performance while reducing the amount of material used.

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