Time to Upgrade Your Kid’s Helmet?

Lazer’s Guide to the Perfect Kid’s Helmet

From that first trip in a bike seat to exploring new dirt paths through the local park, kids who grow up on two wheels quickly learn the joys of riding a bike. They rapidly grow from bike passengers to a nervous new rider to a skilled cyclist seeking bigger adventure and thrills. No matter your child’s age or experience, Lazer’s lineup of kids helmets will help keep them safe, every pedal stroke of the way.

Helmet safety starts first with finding the perfect fit. Lazer’s kids line is designed to grow with your child, from toddler-specific lids to self-adjusting kids’ helmets, all the way up to the full adult line. Whether your child is just starting to pedal a bike or is already tearing down the path leaving you in the dust, Lazer has something for everyone.



  • Best for Toddlers Ages 1-3 years

  • Fits Heads: 46-52 cm (Toddler Unisize)


Designed for the smallest kiddos, Lazer’s BOB helmet packs safety features and fun stylings into a pint-sized lid. Meant for those first two-wheeled adventures – which are often experienced from a bike seat or trailer – the back of the BOB is specially shaped so that it sits naturally against the curve of a bike seat. Kids can sit comfortably in the seat and look straight ahead without being pushed forward. The BOB also utilizes a lightweight, protective foam shell that is light enough for a toddler’s developing neck muscles without sacrificing safety.


Lil’ Gekko

  • Best for Pre-School Ages: 3-6 years

  • Fits Heads: 46-50 cm (Kids Unisize)


As kids start rolling along on their own, whether on balance bikes or training wheels, the Lil’ Gekko delivers safety and adjustability for kids on the go. Designed with Lazer’s revolutionary Autofit retention system, the helmet self-adjusts to your child's head every time they put it on. No need to adjust the fit and tweak the size every week as your child grows. Simply place the helmet on your kiddo’s head, buckle the straps, and you’re set to go.

Besides safety, the Lil’ Gekko also features fun graphics that preschoolers love. From shooting stars to fish patterns and bright colors, kids can’t wait to put on their colorful new lid. With the combo of easy adjustments and exciting graphics the Lil’ Gekko delivers a fun and easy start to every ride.



  • Best for Grade School Ages: 6-12 years

  • Fits Heads: 50-56 cm (Youth Unisize)

A slightly larger version of the Lil’ Gekko, the Gekko packs the same Autofit self-adjusting technology and extended coverage into a bigger package. The graphics grow up a little bit too, with cool but sleek styling that kids won’t mind wearing as they roll up to the elementary school bike rack. Both the Gekko and Lil’ Gekko models have an optional rear LED light accessory, so you can make sure your little ones have big visibility as they pedal along.


Lazer Size Small Adult Helmets

  • Best for Ages 12 and Up:
  • Fits Heads: 52

Once kids grow out of the Gekko, the entire Lazar adult helmet lineup is up for grabs. From BMX to mountain bike to road cycling and beyond, Lazer has a helmet to suit your kid’s style as they discover their true calling on two wheels.


***Note: We've given the rough age ranges for these helmets, but remember that every kid grows at a different rate. The best way to determine the fit is to measure the circumference of your child's head.