Lazer Helmets Dominate 5-STAR Ratings According to Virginia Tech Safety Rating

Following an update last year, Virginia Tech, in collaboration with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, just released its latest testing results for bicycle helmets, revealing that Lazer helmets claim the most 5-star ratings of any manufacturer tested. Lazer helmets are now the top 3 rated road helmets and Lazer also has more 5-STAR rated mountain bike helmets than any other manufacturer.

Following three of its helmets being named to last year’s ratings, two new Lazer models just received the five-star rating, for a total of eight models given the top designation. Lazer's new ultralight G1 MIPS, landing at 9.2 STAR rating by Virginia Tech.    

Lazer’s helmet models now with the 5-STAR ranking include: G1 MIPS, Impala MIPS, Z1 MIPS, Chiru MIPS, Century MIPS, Blade+ MIPS, Compact DLX MIPS, Cyclone MIPS, and Anverz NTA MIPS.

The Virginia Tech impact testing uses the STAR evaluation system to determine the helmet’s ability to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity of the head resulting from a range of impacts a cyclist might experience. Virginia Tech recommends the use of any 4- or 5-star rated helmet.

An overview of the Lazer 5-star rated helmets for sale in North America:

Lazer 2020 Helmets Virginia Tech Ratings