Ignite the Road

Boost your visibility with Lazer's LED helmet lights

Lady putting on Lazer Urbanize MIPS urban helmet with Lazer LED taillight

We all know that a helmet’s number one job is to help protect your head in the event of a crash. But what’s even better than a CPSC certification or Virginia Tech 5-star rating for crash protection?  Preventing the crash altogether. That’s where Lazer’s integrated, rechargeable LED lights come into action.


These lightweight, rechargeable lights help increase your visibility out on the road in different riding conditions. Whether you're stuck working late and have to commute home in the dim evening light or you just want to add some extra visibility on your daily rides, the purpose-built LED helmet lights have your back. Designed to seamlessly integrate with a selection of Lazer helmets, you can leave the light on your helmet, so it's always there, always ready for when you need it most. 


Lazer Lil' Gekko and Gekko MIPS Kid's bike helmet with Lazer LED Taillights improves visibility and protection

LED lights for commuters

Both the Urbaize MIPS and Cameleon MIPS commuter helmets feature integrated lights shaped perfectly to fit the helmets' rear vents. Once the light is snapped into place, you can simply hit the on and off button to add some extra visibility during your pre-dawn or post-work commutes. The rechargeable LED light has a long-lasting, 24-hour run time between charges, so you can rely on the light for those unexpected late commutes or daytime errands.

Women wearing a Lazer Urbanize MIPS urban bike helmet with Lazer LED Taillight in the rain while commuting to work.

Light up your performance

High-performance doesn't mean you have to sacrifice safety, and that's why Lazer's top-performance road cycling helmets are compatible with an LED light designed to mount inside the Mudcap at the back of the helmet. The light runs off a replaceable battery for extremely long-lasting performance, so you'll be set for all of those long training miles. Set the light to flash for a little extra visibility whether you're zipping out for a quick hour spin or setting off on a long adventure ride.


Lazer Z1 MIPS bike Helmet with Lazer LED Taillight turned on

Dial-up your visibility

For a low-profile but effective lighting solution, Lazer offers the ATS LED Taillight and TS+ LED Taillight. Compatible with helmets that use Lazer's Advanced Turnfit System (ATS) and the Turnfit System+ (TS+) retention designs, these lights snap onto the retention dial on the back of the helmet for quick access and improved visibility. The 12-15 gram lights offer up to 37 hours of run time on a single battery.

Lazer LED Taillights improve visibility while riding and increase rider protection

Lights for Kids

Young Girl wearing a Black Lazer Gekko MIPS Kids Helmet with Lazer Gekko LEd taillight

Even small riders deserve big protection. The Gekko MIPS kids helmet delivers more visibility with an add-on rechargeable LED light. It snaps into the rear vent and lasts 24 hours on a single charge, boosting visibility in low light conditions and just making it easier to keep track of the kids out playing during those shorter winter days.

Lady wearing a Lazer Urbanize MIPS helmet on her rainy bike commute to work

With Lazer’s wide range of integrated and add-on lighting options, riders can easily boost their visibility out on the road with the quick click of a button. And with the sleek design of these long-lasting lights, you can leave it mounted to your helmet so you’ll never find yourself out pushing the limits of daylight without the assurance of a little extra visibly when you need it most.