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Alpha Groove Subaru CX on the Lazer G1 Helmet

on March 30, 2020  in Road

The Alpha Bicycle Co. Groove Subaru CX Team is a Colorado-based Cyclocross team with the focus of finding and developing the next generation of up and coming cyclocross athletes. The athletes on the team were some of the first to test the all-new Lazer G1 helmet for cyclocross-specific applications. Check out what they had to say below.

"The new Lazer G1 has treated me pretty well so far. The first thing the strikes when about the G1 is that it is simply a good looking helmet. The pattern of the helmet along with how it melds together with sunglasses is as good as it gets. The next thing that the G1 brings to the table is its obvious comfort. I never feel the need to take it off, and most of the time I warm up wearing the G1. Most importantly, the G1 is a very safe helmet. At cross Nationals, I took a big crash landing right on my head, but the G1 perfectly cushioned my head, not even leaving a scratch; however, my collarbone was a different story." -Ross Ellwood

“I really love the new G1, it feels like an extension of my head, and that is crucial to my feeling on the bike when I’m racing. The aesthetics of the helmet are not only sleek, but the design is light and with the MIPS system inside it reinforces to me that I’m wearing one of the best helmets available.” - Brannan Fix


"The G1 to me is the perfect race helmet, it’s lightweight and extra breathable allowing me to race my heart out without having to give a second thought to the protection of my head." - Turner Ramsay


"This cyclocross season I raced for Alpha Bicycle Company-Groove Subaru, and got the privilege of wearing the new G1 helmet. I like this helmet because it keeps my head comfortable and safe during rides and races, no matter how sendy I get." - Lauren Zoerner